what to expect from a nutrition consultation

how does the process work?

I do not have a one size fits all approach.  Every person is unique and typically requires their own personalised plan.   To do this I take into account the complex web of underlying physiological imbalances (gut function, hormone balance, stress hormones, etc).  I then add to this  lifestyle factors such as your personality, financial circumstances, lifestyle, interest and ability in cooking, etc.  Thus two people coming to me with the same type of 'IBS' problems might leave with quite a different plan.

The first consultation

Once we have made an appointment I will send you a detailed questionnaire and food diary for you to complete and return to me prior to your first session.

The first consultation is one hour long and can be face-to-face or by phone / Skype.  In this session I take a detailed health history including: your family history, details of your medications, psychological & emotional pressures, exercise patterns, stress levels, dietary habits and  dig into your key health symptoms.

If you have any recent blood test results from your GP or specialist (within the last 6 months) it can be helpful to provide this information at the first session.  If you have a complex health history with a large amount of blood / other tests I will charge you for my time to review this data.

This session results in:

  • recommendations for appropriate dietary and lifestyle changes
  • a supportive meal plan and recipe ideas
  • recommendations for laboratory testing if appropriate
  • recommendations for supplements if appropriate (note I cross check all supplement suggestions against any medication that you might be on to ensure no interactions).  

follow up appointments

Follow up appointments are 45 minutes long.  Most situations benefit from at least one follow up session. For more complex health issues or for many weight loss clients, it can be necessary to work together for a longer period of time.

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