Fees & clinic information

clinic locations

You can consult with me in the following ways: 

South Molton Street, London, W1: depending on the week I work Tuesday's, Wednesday's and Thursdays with appointments on the hour, last appointment at 7pm

Telephone and Skype consultations: my preference wherever possible is to see people face to face, but appreciate that sometimes this is not possible, I therefore do offer to do consultations by phone or Skype.  Please contact me to discuss this option.



Initial consultation: 1 hour: £130

Follow up consultations: 45 minutes: £100


fees - phone, skype, sw12

Initial consultation: 1 hour: £120

Follow up consultations: 45 minutes: £90


metabolic balance

Total package price: £760 - including blood test, personalised nutrition programme and 3 months coaching and support (6 consultations in total, 3 face-to-face and 3 by phone or Skype).


Contact in-between session.  Due to the sheer volume of emails that I now receive I have had to implement a policy of charging for my time in between session.  Short emails that require no more than 15 minutes to respond to will be dealt with free of charge.  Any email (or series of emails) that requires more than 15 minutes of my time will be charged on a pro-rata basis.  

I offer a FREE 15 minute call to anyone interested in booking a session.  This is an opportunity for you to find out more about me and the consultation process.  To arrange this or to book an appointment please complete the form below:

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I require payment to be made via bank transfer to secure your appointment  I send out details of how to do this in your appointment letter.


I require 48 hours notice to cancel or reschedule any appointment or will charge the full fee as listed above.   The full fee will be refunded if you need to cancel your appointment for any reason without rebooking as long as you give me more than 48 hours notice.


As and when appropriate I do make supplement suggestions.  I believe that if you are going to spend money on supplements it is worth using those of the highest quality - ingredients, formulation, how they are manufactured, etc.  This ensure that you are spending your money wisely and maximises absorption and therefore the likelihood that they will make a difference.  Typically I will suggest practitioner only brands rather than those commonly found in the supermarket, etc.  I work extremely hard to ensure that I make the most appropriate suggestion for you and will always take your personal circumstances, medical history / medications into account when selecting these.  You are under no obligation to buy these supplements if you do not wish to do so.

Laboratory testing: as appropriate and where possible I utilise laboratory testing.  This is without doubt the best way to clearly identify underlying imbalances.  These tests are done through private laboratories and any costs associated with them are not included in the prices quoted above.  Prices can vary from £30 to check a single nutrient to £300 or more for some of the very comprehensive forms of testing that are now available.  I will never put any pressure on you to spend additional money on these tests.  Many of these tests I provide to you at cost, the larger and more complex tests will include a small fee (around £20) to cover the time I need to interpret the tests and prepare a report for you.


Certain insurance companies do cover the cost of complementary therapies (e.g. Pru Health, HealthShield) so might cover my fees (or a proportion of them).  If you are looking to claim against your insurance policy it is important that you check with them first to get authorisation.  Please note that you will need to pay all fees owed to me and reclaim this yourself from your insurer.