nutrition advice for brands

providing nutrition and health insights  

I really enjoy combining my management consulting background with my nutrition know-how to help companies be more successful.    I have worked for a range of organisations who have needed nutritional insights to help them develop their business or products.  This has ranged from small new business start-ups to larger more mainstream companies.  I have included some examples of the work that I have done below:


I have provided a wide range of different services to restaurants and catering businesses.  This includes advice on menu development and ingredient selection, nutritional analysis of recipes; preparation of nutritional panels for packaging; advice on EU nutrition and health claims legislation; sourcing suppliers with genuinely healthy products e.g.  healthy snacks and drinks products.


Most of my work has typically been for smaller and start up businesses who are looking to develop a credible health angle for their product/s.  Helping with new product development; ingredient selection; ensuring valid health claims; providing accurate nutritional labelling information.  

Verve Juices

Verve Juices is Athens first cold pressed juice business.  I worked with this new startup business helping them to develop a range of juice recipes and cleanses.  My work encompassed: recipe development, nutritional analysis, writing supporting literature for their clients and their website.

Butterfly London

Butterfly London is a Brand Strategy and Innovation Consultancy.  I have worked with them on a number of occasions, participating in workshops and innovation days as well as giving talks on nutrition related topics to their clients.

Brand Genetics

Brand Genetics is an innovation and insights agency. I have provided them with insights into health and wellness trends and have participated in an idea generation workshop with one of their key clients.


Saviour Snacks was involved in supplying boxes of branded healthy snack foods to corporate clients.  I worked for this business for three years from the very initial concept development through to the point where the company won major contracts with Easyjet and Flybe.  My work involved developing the corporate nutrition standards against which all newly sourced snack foods were judged.  Sourcing and screening all the healthy snacks that they included in their boxes (>350).  Developing different offers including, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian and vegan boxes.  I also developed a range of own label snack foods.