I think that lack of time is one of the biggest blocks to healthy eating.  I hear it time and time again in my clinic and can suffer from that a bit myself.  When people have time they can ‘be good’, when they don’t it all goes wrong.

If we are running around with no time to think straight then a healthy diet can easily get thrown off course.  No time to shop, no time to cook, no time to think.  When we are surrounded by convenient fast food options it is always easy to just grab and go – a pastry and a coffee for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch and a takeaway for supper.

There are some amazing blogs and cookbooks out there all focused on healthy eating.  I personally get inspired by many of them.  However, we don’t always have time, or quite frankly the inclination, to incorporate new recipes with lots of ingredients that need to be chopped, spiralised or shredded….only to find that in the end it doesn’t look quite as instagram friendly as you had hoped.

So I am going to start focussing on some quick fix options, or healthy fast food if you like.  It does mean that you have to have some food in the house, however they are dishes that require minimal thinking and little time for food prep.  I will utilise store cupboard staples and short lists of commonly found ingredients that you can easily add to your weekly grocery shop.  

So if you don’t have the time to make the perfect homemade quinoa granola with sprouted seeds then don’t get downhearted, there are other ways that you can make a quick and healthy meals to keep you on track..

See my recipes on healthy fast food to find out more.