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Are you one of those people who loses it when you are hungry? Research shows us that as your blood sugar level drop so does your ability to control anger. This has even been linked to increased marital strife, which mean that the route to domestic harmony maybe in the kitchen. Here are Lisa’s top tips on how to reduce hunger and cravings to help you feel more balanced and in control of your eating.

Get more sleep: if we are lacking sleep then our bodies will be more stressed and blood sugar levels will fluctuate more. This is why sleep deprivation makes us crave sugar, processed foods and stimulants such as coffee.

Drink more water: If you are a bit dehydrated it can increase feelings of hunger. As soon as those hunger pangs start drink a full glass of water and ensure that you drink 8 big glasses each day.

Ditch the stimulants: whether it comes in the form of sugar, coffee, coke, or alcohol – they give you a temporary pick up but is always followed by a big blood sugar crash. This is when you turn into that hangry monster. Keep sugar and caffeine to an absolute minimum.

Get the ratio right: some foods help us to feel more satisfied and keep us feeling fuller for longer, these are protein (nuts, seeds, lean unprocessed meat, fish, beans), high fibre foods (wholegrains, beans, vegetables) and the good fats (nuts, seeds, avocado, olive oil). Other foods, such as white carbohydrates and sugars give us a quick fix and quickly leave us craving more food. Ensure that everything you eat contains a decent portion of protein, is wholegrain / high fibre and don’t fear the good fats.

Pack healthy snacks: don’t’ wait for hanger to strike. A strategic snack mid morning and mid afternoon can help stop you reaching this tipping point. Pack nuts and seeds to take with you. Keep a jar of no sugar nut butter and some oatcakes in your desk drawer. Like all good boy scouts BE PREPARED